Staging strategies and services for motivated sellers, developers and Realtors.

Staging is a powerful marketing tool allowing buyers to easily visualize themselves living in your home. On-line photos are the first point of sale for most potential buyers so you want yours to stand out, make a powerful impact and draw traffic to the property.

Quick and successful sales depend on how well a property is showcased. Is your's ready? 

Home staging is the process of preparing a home for market so that it appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers, reflects a home's best features and allows for a faster sale.

When a potential buyer enters your house, you have a matter of seconds to win them over. We're trained to look at your home through a buyer's eyes.

 Our process may include decluttering, depersonalizing, organizing, repainting, repairs, cleaning and then the optimum placement for furniture, art, and accessories. We also work with local furniture rental companies to provide additional furniture, art and accessories, if needed, for your project.

What is home staging?

Staging Services

We give homeowners recommendations and professional tips they will need to prepare their homes. During the Walk and Talk Consultation the homeowner will take notes as we walk through each room of the house including the exterior.
We give detailed feedback on how to prepare each space so that the home's best features are highlighted. 

This is a great option for the do-it-yourselfer who wants to prepare each room of the home for the fastest, most profitable sale. 

Walk & Talk Consultation 

Pricing: $425. (up to 2 hours) 
Each additional hour $125.

Realtors can also recommend this option to those clients who are struggling or overwhelmed with having to get their homes ready for sale.

To develop our report, we walk through each room of the house and the exterior without the homeowner or Realtor present. Our detailed report (delivered via PDF within 72 hours) will include recommendations, photos, checklists and tips on how the homeowner can best prepare every room of the house.

This service is ideal for the homeowner who wants to stage their property on their own, but needs a professionally prepared plan to guide them.

Written Staging Report  

Pricing: walk & talk plus $300.

Synergy Stagers take the frustration, stress and emotional energy out of having to make and implement a staging plan of action. After evaluating your home and giving you some pre-staging assignments (such as packing up items, painting, decluttering and repairing) Synergy Stagers come in to stage the property.

This is the option for homeowners who don't have the time or inclination to do the staging themselves.

Hands-On Staging

Pricing: $425. (up to 2 hours)
             each additional hour $125.

We may recommend that additional furniture, art and accessories be purchased to complement existing furnishings. We’re happy to shop for you at our hourly rate of $125.

Synergy Stagers return to fine-tune and apply finishing touches before photos are taken for the MLS. We recommend booking this appointment at least 24-48 hours before the photographer arrives. This will allow time for any additional adjustments to be made.

For homeowners who have chosen either the Walk and Talk or the Written Staging Report this option is the perfect final step.

MLS Photo Ready

Pricing: $350. (up to 2 hours) 

With our simple get-started process and expert guidance, your hands-on work will result in a beautifully staged home. Set up a Get Acquainted call, fill out a questionnaire, send in your photos, receive your Staging Success Plan then stage and sell. It's that easy!

Whether you're a homeowner or Realtor who lives outside our service area or are local and want to be able to socially distance, you can benefit from our on-line E-staging consultations. 


Pricing: $425. (up to 2 hours)        Each Additional hour $125.  

Design Services

The beauty of re-design is that we use your existing furniture, art and accessories to transform your home into a more functional, attractive and stylish space. It's an affordable option for updating and revitalizing the rooms in your home and it can be done quickly. And while we may suggest purchasing additional pieces to enhance a space, our ultimate goal is to use what you already own. 

Why spend thousands of dollars on new furnishings when you already have what you need? 

Interior re-Design 


Whether you need a single color for one room or a custom color palette for the entire house we'll develop a scheme that flows smoothly throughout the home.

The right color can quickly and significantly transform a space. we’ll evaluate which colors work best with your furniture, finishes and lighting. 

Color Consultation

Pricing: $425. (up to 2 hours)
Each additional hour $125.

We've got great sources for unique furniture, fabulous art work, accessories, lighting, that one-of-a-kind piece or whatever it is that your space requires.


$125. per hour (1hour minimum)

Home Organizing 

If your stuff is overtaking your space then it's time to take back your home. We begin the process by evaluating your unique situation and needs. We'll then give you individualized assignments to prepare for our next visit. We'll begin by determining what stays and what goes. Then we’ll create a custom organizing system that will restore order and serenity to your home. Whether your problem areas are kitchens, closets, kids rooms, basements, garages, home offices or bedrooms, we can tackle it all.

Too much clutter? Feeling overwhelmed? Don't know where to begin? We can help!


Pricing: $125.per hour                    (2 hour minimum)

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Whether it’s time for a home makeover or it’s just time to move we’re here to create spaces you’ll love to live in or stage a home that will sell!  

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